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Phones for the ages!

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Did you know, it’s been 30 years since the first mobile phone call was made in Australia? We thought we’d ask our staff to reminisce on their first mobile. My, times have changed!


Kara – Operations Manager

“Check out this gem! I’m going to charge it and see if I can get a sim card…”

IMG_0343.JPG IMG_03421JPG


Darren – State Manager NSW & ACT

“My first phone was around 1997.  It was a work phone and several of us shared it. I think it was a flip phone, with a pull out aerial. It did SMS and talk, pretty much that’s it. It took 3 times a long to charge as you could use it, and reception outside of metro areas was terrible.  How far we’ve come!”

Darren has only just moved to an iPhone, look what we found in his desk draw!

Photo 1.jpg


Katie – Social Media and Projects Officer

“My first phone was a Nokia 5110 (with an awesome purple cover) It was a brick! I remember trying to sneakily send a text in class with this giant thing in my pencil case. I’m fairly certain the teacher could see exactly what I was doing. I’m also not sure what was so urgent to text, I only had one other friend who had a phone and I was seeing her at lunch. But I did rock playing snake!”

Nokia 5160 v


Ian-  State Manager QLD & NT

“My first phone was a Webslider! I was pretty late on the uptake of mobile phones compared to my friends. I remember being so excited to have the freedom to text people on the run. When I got a Webslider everyone started to make the shift to iPhones. So I wasn’t ever the cool kid with new technology… I kept my Webslider for 5 years until I got a promotion and could afford a regular phone contract.”


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.54.42 pm


Tom – State Manager VIC & TAS

“My first mobile phone was a motorola Startac in 1997. It was just a small light black clam shell phone running on CDMA.  It didn’t have an LCD screen but red letters and numbers like an old HP calculator.”



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