How we help parents


Digital Careers is here to help support you as a parent in encouraging your child’s interest in digital technologies. These technologies including computers, telecommunications systems, and the Internet have bought profound and revolutionary changes to business, consumers, education, health, entertainment – indeed, every aspect of our contemporary life. As a result, encouraging your child to have an interest in digital technologies, and pursue a digital technologies career is a wise choice with diverse employment prospects!

  • The Careers with Code guide looks at how different careers incorporate computer science. The guide looks at how computer science is incorporated into creative, business, law, engineering, science teaching and health degrees. Modelled off the CS+X philosophy – where X is your passion, the guide offers great personal stories from people in those careers as well as suggestions for which universities offer those courses.
  • Pathways to Tech is a great resource for people interested in careers in technology. Looking at a range of different tech careers, the website contains fast facts on qualification requirements, experience, cost of study and average salaries. The project was developed by FutureNow.
  • The Digital Careers Activity Map [PDF] provides a list of activities around Australia that may be of interest to your child. If you know of one that we have not included, please let us know!
  • In addition, the Australian Computer Society Foundation has produced a Careers Wheel [PDF] that provides a great breakdown of the range of technology related careers available to computer science students. Larger versions are available for download: Careers Wheel A1 [PDF, 3.7mb] and Careers Wheel A3 [PDF, 3.5mb].