Digital Careers, along with our industry sponsor Intel, are providing teachers with the opportunity to receive complimentary Intel Galileo boards, along with the opportunity to attend professional development seminars on how to use the Galileos in your school. Scroll down for further information on the requirements, application process and to complete the application form.

The Intel Galileo is an open-source development board designed for the education and maker communities. Featuring a memory-rich, powerful processor and compatible with existing Arduino open source hardware, the Galileo board can be connected to sensors, motors and even to the internet to create ‘Internet of Things’ projects. The Intel Galileo runs an open source Linux operating system and can be programmed through Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux host operating software.

It allows students coding skills to take flight with a real touchable connection. Whether it be a “Vivid Light Show,” a “Robotic Arm, a “Weather Station” students can release their creative potential and solve real world problems with this technology. 

 Still struggling to see how you might use this with your students?
Take a look at the curriculum linked educator handbook developed by MacICT that show it’s not only possible but powerful! 
Download a teachers guide to the Intel Galileo here.

 The Digital Careers program aims to improve and increase teacher professional development opportunities in ICT and help students engage in ICT activities. We have 250 Galileo boards available for distribution.

Additionally, as part of this opportunity we will be following up with teachers to provide feedback on how the boards were used as a learning instrument and what you thought our professional development seminars to inform future activities and ensure we are delivering quality information with adequate support.

Our objectives:

  • Increase teacher professional development for the instruction of ICT in schools
  • Build the confidence of students and teachers alike in the use of ICT
  • Develop much needed digital skills and literacy
  • Support the draft National Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies curricula
  • Increase student opportunity to participate in the Young ICT Explorers competition (YICTE), broaden their knowledge of ICT and engage with other students who share their interests.

 Requirements and deliverables:

  • It is a requirement that you use the Galileos provided for participation in YICTE. Anyone who receives boards but does not register/attend YICTE will be required to return their Galileos to the Digital Careers team. This condition does not apply if the distance between the nearest YICTE and your school is more than 100km or in circumstances where you and your students cannot be reasonably expected to travel to Young ICT Explorers. In such cases you will be required to provide us with evidence that the Galileos you received have been put to good use at your school in teacher professional development or student projects. This can be in the form of a report, video or by other means. 

  • We recommend that teachers who apply for the Galileos attend one of the Professional Development sessions; this however is not a mandatory requirement. If you are already capable using Galileo boards please make note in your application.

  • We will request that you provide feedback how you used the boards with your students and how you might implement this into your regular lesson plans in the future. The aim of which will be to assist other teachers who are interested but unsure about how to incorporate the use of ICT into their own classes.

 Application process:

  • Applications open on Wednesday 6th May and are accessible via our website (
  • Teachers will be required to submit applications by 15th May
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Digital Careers team
  • Notification of outcome and distribution of Galileo’s is anticipated by Friday 22nd May. All decisions are final.
  • Please note: there is a limit of five (5) Galileo boards per school

Additional Information:

Key dates for Young ICT Explorers

  • Project registrations are due by Wednesday 24th June
  • YICTE Event Dates:
    • Brisbane, Sat 8 Aug
    • Sydney, Sat 15 Aug
    • Hobart, Sat 22 Aug
    • Melbourne, Sat 29 Aug
    • Townsville, Sat 5 Sep
    • Canberra, Sat 12 Sep
    • Perth, Sat 19 Sep
  • More information on YICTE can be found at

Information on Professional Development Seminars

  • It is anticipated that the professional development seminars will take place in June, exact dates are still TBD and all applicants will be notified once these dates have been finalised.
  • Seminars will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane along with a webinar for those who are unable to attend in person. All seminars will be about 3hrs in duration and will take place on a weekday.
  • Attendance is free of charge, to register your intent to attend please ensure you fill out the corresponding section in your application.