Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

September 7-18, 2015

Bebras is an Australia-wide challenge to promote Computational Thinking among primary and secondary students (years 3-12). With the increasing need for students to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related competencies, the concepts behind computational thinking are becoming increasingly important. This challenge gives teachers the resources and support necessary to introduce computer science concepts to their students. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about digital technologies, but are clearly related to digital technology concepts such as pattern recognition, abstraction, computation, data processing, and algorithmic thinking. What does Bebras look like:

  • Bebras is free for schools and is delivered online and in class within one school hour (45-60 min)
  • The children from years 3-12 can participate individually or collaborate in small groups (up to four)
  • Teachers are supported with video tutorials and teaching notes prior to the challenge
  • No prior computing/ICT knowledge is required
  • Sample tasks are available at
  • Contact: for more information.
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